20th July 2016

Become a Vendor

Become Vendor

Becoming a Vendor on TasteWant’s Marketplace is the ideal way to grow your food related business, giving you exposure and the tools to sell to thousands of potential new customers.

There is no joining or set up fee and you can create your online store in minutes, we will actively promote your products and store across TasteWant, our social media channels and other marketing activities absolutely free.

We will help you setup and optimise your store and as a Vendor you have control over your store management system, orders and analytics. We will even give you a free rotating banner on the homepage of TasteWant.

The best part is you only pay TasteWant a service fee on successful orders.

How TasteWant’s Marketplace Works:

A customer orders and pays for your product on TasteWant > We send you an email notification of the order (you can also see all orders in your store management system) > You send the order to the customer > We will send you the payment (minus the service fee) via Paypal each month.

TasteWant Service Fee:

TasteWant’s Marketplace takes away the hassle from finding customers and having to create time consuming and costly marketing campaigns and promotion activities. TasteWant already has thousands of highly relevant monthly visitors that you will get exposure to straight away.

There are no setup or listing fees, there is only a small service charge of 18% (includes VAT) + £0.25 per transaction from your total order value (includes product & shopping), this is deducted before sending the net payment over to you via Paypal each month.

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