13th October 2016


TasteWant Marketplace Returns and Refunds Policy

We want to ensure that you receive the best quality products our vendors have to offer, therefore please find below tour TasteWant Marketplace returns and refunds policy.  The buyer has 14 days from the time of order to return, change or cancel their order(s).
Please note that perishable or bespoke goods are not returnable or refundable.

How to return, change or cancel your orders

You will need to contact the vendor that you purchased the product from directly, you are able to do this by the following:

1.) Sign into TasteWant Marketplace
2.) Click on My Account
3.) You will see recent orders, click on View next to the order you would like to return, change or cancel
4.) The Vendor name will follow: Sold by: Click on the Vendor’s name
5.) You will then be taken to the Vendors profile where their email will be visible
6.) Please use this email to contact the Vendor directly
7.) The Vendor will then reply directly, TasteWant takes no responsibility for any orders, returns, changes or cancelled orders, this is completely the responsibility of the individual Vendor(s), to get in contact with you and take the appropriate action.